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JetCommerce enables retailers to deliver world class commerce experiences across web, mobile and point of sale.

About us

Jetcommerce is built by entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs. That’s why we know; the real growth does not come from maintaining infra and technology but from executing strategic initiatives. Jetcommerce helps retailers drive sustained growth and gain competitive advantage by enabling them to understand their data and execute strategy that builds customer loyalty.

We help retailers bridge the gap between increasing customer expectations and hurdles of legacy technologies. By enabling retailers to launch initiatives with speed and agility; retailers are building unified experiences across web, mobile and point of sale.

Our clients are often disruptors in their niches and we are proud to empower their innovations through technology.

Data Connectors
Connect Customer Data

Data connectors to collect customer activity across channels.

Actionable Customer Profiles

Jetcommerce uses the collected data to build Actionable Customer Profiles.

Take Action

Take action on data; personalize communication, ad optimization and intelligent support

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