Click and Collect

Problem Statements

real time

Client's Point of Sale (POS) was a legacy system. So they needed custom connectors to publish near-real time stock visibility of retail outlets.

Over 80% of the traffic on client's site was mobile. They wanted customers to choose between different delivery and pickup options without making it complex.

Store managers should have an admin where they can track online orders and reservations and act on it.

Modules used

App Designer | Workflow | POS connector

Implementation Highlights

focus group

We tried design options and tested it with focus groups to select the winner. The designs were scored on their ease of use, functionality and navigation.

Used the workflow app to enable for in-store pick up and provide a panel for store managers to pack items.

Other Amazing Features

The app was conceptualized, designed and deployed in a record time of 114 days. This included integration with Point of Sale systems, store manager panels and integration with logistics service providers.


Condensed the content for mobile devices. The mobile real estate was focused on imagery and call to action.

Intuitive design

All mobile screens were designed to allow for super easy thumb navigation. We used slide ups on product pages to display delivery options per product; Allowing customers to have multiple delivery options in one cart.

Light weight

The app clocks over 90% in Google Page Insights with super fast load times.

GPS enabled

Users can use the GPS option to locate the item in stores near them.

app analytics

App Analytics

real time

Real time store inventory

push notifications

Push notifications automation

crash analytics

Crash Analytics


Returns at store


90 minute delivery with Shutl

Other Use Cases

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