Subscriptions Business

Problem Statements


Client was running a subscriptions business which required charging the customers cards on a recurring basis.

Automate manual processes like charging customer's card and sending them renewal reminders.

Client wanted customers to be able to manage their subscriptions from 'My Account' section.

Modules used

Marketing Automation | Recurring Payments | POS

Implementation Highlights

subscription module

Used the JetCommerce subscription module to allow customers to configure frequency and length of subscriptions.


We used the JetCommerce marketing automation to automate renewal reminders and reactivate customers at the risk of churn.

days time to market
%age increase in subscription orders
%age increase in conversions

Other Amazing Features

This was one of the most successful launches of JetCommerce witnessing over 72% increase in conversion rates. Most of this increase came from mobile devices as the client's previous Magento site was not mobile optimized. The mobile conversion rates increased by 130% in the first quarter.

Subscriptions Management

Customers can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions, can skip a shipment, change shipping/billing info; all this from the My Account section.

Mixed Cart

The cart can consist of subscription and one time purchases.

Integrated with Quickbooks and CRM

All orders and products are synced with Quickbooks. The customer conversation history is pulled from CRM.

Point of Sale

The client uses JetCommerce point of sale for walk-in customers and at exhibitions. All orders are automatically synced with Quickbooks.

App Analytics

Subscription Analytics


Point of Sale


Ticketing and Help Desk

User Activity Tracking

Unified Customer Profile

Unified CRM


Marketing Automation

Other Use Cases

JetCommerce is a hybrid solution that enables businesses to run complex use cases on a hosted platform. Check out other examples here.


Allow customer to custom design banners, cards, t-shirts; even on mobile. Jetcommerce comes with Live assist, product configuration and re-orders ideal for such businesses.


Jetcommerce offers integration with leading ERP and POS providers with the option of building custom connector for legacy systems. You can offer real time visibility of stock across stores. Use digital to drive footfalls to retail.

Build a stunning app, fast.